Alabama Pest Control License

A Guide for:  Alabama Pest Control License


Requirements for obtaining an Alabama Pest Control License

When applying for an Alabama Pest Control License, it is important to remember to check with the state website for the qualifiations needed.  In the state of Alabama, you need at least one year of experience as an employee or owner-operator in the field of structural pest control for which certification is applied for inorder to qualify for an Alabama pest control license, or a college degree, which includes instructions in Entomology satisfactorily completed.

If you don’t have these you can also use one or more years training or equivalent training in structural pest control work under educational institutional supervision may be substituted for one (1) of actual working experience.  For more information and a greater understanding of the above requirements for obtaining an Alabama Pest Control License, check with the Alabama state Agricultural Department home page.

Once you have done this you’ll need your previous employer sign some documents stating that you do have the hours necessary plus an overiview of your responsibilities.  Next, you will need to look up and attend training courses for the test that will follow.  This is the last requirement to obtain an Alabama pest control license.  Once you pay the fees, take the tests, and then pay the additional fees to obtain the license, you will then obtain the Alabama pest control license/ operators license to act as the supervisor or qualifying manager.

What is a Qualifying Manager?

Alabama Pest Control License

If you are unfamiliar with the term qualifying manager, this person has the Alabama pest control license or alabama termite license/operators license to act as the supervisor for a pest control or termite company.  In the state of Alabama, you are only allowed to act as the qualifier for one pest control or termite business.  If you are currently working for another pest control or termite company but have your operators license and it is not being used, you can qualify and act as the operator/qualifying manager for that other company as they need your Alabama pest control license.   

Secondary Income

If you are an operator and have your Alabama pest control license or your Alabama termite license and want to find a business that needs your license, you can try to find it on your own, or you can contact a company called PEST START which will put you in contact with businesses that need your license.  This can give you a secondary income, which a lot of operators do.

Pest Start

If you are a business or someone who wants to start a pest control company or a termite business but don’t have the time or lack the licenses necessary, you can also contact Pest Start at, and they will put you in contact with their network of operators who have an Alabama pest control license and have clean records and years of experience.

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